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Fountain of Colors, desktop music visualizer

 Realtime FFT music visualizer with scalable bars and colors

Examples  —  Settings overview  —  How-to: Rainmeter (1)  (2)

     Download Rainmeter  (2 MB)  •  :windows: Windows 7, 8, 10
     Download skin (478 KB)  •  Right-side column of this page

   v3.6.16 (20 Jun 2017)  Fix crashing Rainmeter when first opening settings window on launch (since v3.6.12)
   v3.6.15 (04 Jun 2017)     Recommended default settings: Frequency range (23700Hz max)
   v3.6.14 (02 Jun 2017)     Recommended: Frequency range (12Hz min); FFT (4096 samples) (0.875*4096 Overlap); Sensitivity (41dB); Bar (11px Width) (239px Height); Speed (-1ms Decay)
    v3.6.4 (04 Jan 2017)  Recommended: Bar total (60 Bands)
   v3.5.11 (09 Dec 2016)  FPS increased greatly (fix misconfigured skin update rate)

 These versions also have different settings that may be more preferable to begin with for new users

 Known Issues:
  1. Framerate drops, severity based on performance of Rainmeter and other running skins.
    •  Partial workaround (advanced): Right-click the skin > Settings > Position > "On desktop"; check "Click through";
          Right-click tray icon > Skins > check "Disable dragging" (Toggle when necessary);
    •  It is possible to run 2 instances of Rainmeter at the same time by installing the "Portable version" in another folder
          And run the skin separately
  2. Settings window inconsistent or does not apply, including clones.
    •  Will fix in future release

  •  Run "Initialize.ini" skin once, or check box "Load included skins" in skin's install window
  •  Maximize your player's volume slider (decrease system volume to compensate)
  •  Open Volume Mixer, set player and Rainmeter volume level equal to system volume
  •  Disable sound enhancements in your audio device's properties
  •  More troubleshooting:…

    dgrace — AudioLevel plugin
    smurfier — Original ColorChanger.lua script
    HiTBiT-PA — Color picker from Desktop VU-Meter 3
    Socks the Fox — Wallpaper colors from Chameleon plugin
    Brian — System colors from SysColor plugin
    Kittoes — Skin generation concept
    Free Nature StockWallpaper
    Formerly included in old versions -
    Blantas — Context menu concept from Animated Vinyl Player
    jsmorley — InputText demo for editing settings
    poiru — Custom song colors via NowPlaying plugin



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alatsombath Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015
I am admitting that I was a bit too hasty and impulsive to pull everything down all of a sudden. This was because I did not want my method of writing skins to inspire a new wave of authors that would put Rainmeter under a bad light by creating horribly inefficient skins and cause the user's computer to completely freeze and undergo a mutiny.

The good news is that we can use the AdvancedCPU plugin to check if Rainmeter is using more than a certain amount of CPU, and then automatically adjust the skin settings (via !WriteKeyValue) until it falls under that threshold.

This safety measure is now included in all of my skins, and they are all back up on DeviantArt.
alatsombath Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015
Sorry for any trouble this has caused, I should have left an explanation earlier.

Many years have passed since I have done anything creative, and I was happy at the thought that others could be cheered up with some colorful and vibrant displays on their desktop. However, from a technical perspective, I soon realized that my implementations were flawed from the beginning, and their consequences potentially devastating.

For instance, the Frost visualizer looks very appealing at first, but one could imagine how a system could come to a grinding halt out of carelessly creating hundreds if not thousands of meters to be updated at more than five dozen times a second.

Nobody should be deceived at how something works. A new user's first experience should not be one of disappointment when they mistakenly assume that Rainmeter can reliably reproduce the surreal effects that had been demonstrated in my visualizers. Wizardry inevitably becomes the mask for inefficiency.

I haven't made any formal contact with anybody yet, and none of this is being relayed as some sort of official development rule or guideline (Actually, it's been way too long since I last touched IRC.) This is simply a decision I have made after a lot of reflection over personal experience. Even with good intentions, my actions always seem to go the wrong way, and I have scored a lot of "own goals" because of some misfortune or short-sightedness.

Regardless, my visualizers and skins will remain on GitHub, but I ask that you do not share my visualizers without explicitly mentioning that they are experimental and resource-heavy.

Thanks for listening!
idrawwhenimbored Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sheesh man, don't you think you're being a little hard on yourself?
The frequency visualizer you made was the only thing I could find that came real close to what I wanted. That is something you can be proud of.
Just because the methods you used to create your skins are inefficient, that doesn't make it worthless for people to use. I really think this thing is wonderful, and I have the resources to spare for it.
Don't let the inefficiency/imperfection of your work stop you from actually doing it!
I'm saying this because you seem like an awfully smart and creative person, and it would be a shame if a few small things like this were to stop you from doing something you love.

(Questions, if you have time)
Also, I did have a few other questions about the Fountain of Colours visualizer, but seeing as that page no longer exists, ill just ask here:
What should I do to make it show just one solid colour that does not respond to wave amplitude/deciBel levels? Also, to not cycle between colours? I tried messing with the number of colors to transition to, and the RGB/A values, and it just didnt change very much.
This skin in particular tends to not load when windows starts back up from sleep, and I have to do it manually. Would you have any idea why?
alatsombath Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015
Thanks for replying, I appreciate it!

I posted a short comment above that better explains why I had to pull everything down (And also a clever fix that allows me to have everything back up again)

To make it not respond to amplitude levels, set both sides of the "|" separator to be the same:


To not cycle between colors, you would need at least 2 items in the playlist that are all the same:


If nothing changes much, maybe you forgot to change the ColorPlaylist variable? (ColorPlaylist=ExampleColorPlaylist or whatever playlist you edited)

If the skin doesn't start back from sleep, try adding this line under the [Rainmeter] section:


Feel free to let me know if there are any other problems
alatsombath Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015
You can still grab the skin files from my GitHub account, but I will be deleting everything in 24 hours.
alatsombath Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015
I am no longer maintaining any of my skins...
CrystalShardzs Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015
What happened? =/
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